7th grade!

Bug started 7th grade!!! We are using the abeka DVD program. I’m still trying to decide if we will do it again next year or if I’ll find something less time consuming. Poor dear is working most of the day on school work and then has “homework” too. It’s burn out in a box if you let it. I needed someone to teach her though. Someone that’s not ME. I knew my little would need me this year so I was trying to make my oldest independent. It definitely worked but I’m going to have to tweak it because it’s honestly overkill! When asked what her favorite part is about school she said”Sentence diagramming”! What?!? Seriously?? I never would have guessed that!

She really doesn’t complain until it’s 3 in the afternoon and she’s just getting done. 🤔 I know we are new and she’s still getting the hang of it but the planner says she will be done by 1. So frustrating!

Praying it all works out and we have a smooth year! 😍



Today, was a good day!! J started 1st grade today and said “I had a lot of fun today!!”

This is what we are using!!

Learning language arts through literature 2nd grade

Handwriting without tears 1

Evan moor 6 trait writing 1

Soaring with spelling and voc

Math mammoth 1

Apologia land animals (J’s pick)

Evan Moor geography

Story of the world vol 1 ancient times

We also bought some readers to go along with the science from National geographic.

The first day was a hit. She loved all the hands on activities.

This was an activity from her LLATL this morning. We read a poem about inviting friends into our home. She had to cut this house out and put all the friends she would invite on the inside. She loved this! She took her time and worked hard on everything today. Score! You can’t beat it when they love their schoolwork!